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When you use the best quality Hemp Bedding Product managing your horses stall is a breeze!

I have a video you can also watch: https://youtu.be/dC_tMf7888c

The daily/weekly care of your horses stall is very different to traditional bedding materials. LESS IS MORE with FARMWELL FEED's partner AUBIOSE.

What do you need?

  1. A clean stable with or without rubber matting

  2. Around 7-8 of Aubiose Hemp Bedding Bags (44 pound bags) to create your average 12x12 stall. The goal is to create 5-6 inch base layer to achieve the full power absorbing properties of Aubiose hemp bedding.

  3. Pooper scooper or manure pick.

  4. Wheel barrel or manure bucket.

  5. A water source: Wetting the bed with a maximum of 1 gallon/bale. We know it sounds strange to wet the bed but this is how Aubiose works best and it will allow for the base to start working and prevent a box walker from messing up the bed. If you dont have a messy box walker you do not have to follow this step as the horses urine will naturally create a base layer over the next week or two. *** Several of our customers do add water regardless but this is personal preference.

Managing your hemp bedded stall...

  • Pick the poop daily-- its very time efficient because the hemp easily falls through a standard pitchfork making manure clean up pretty easy. Your wheelbarrow should be 99% manure & a tiny bit of Aubiose.

  • Make sure you do not dig up the bed or look for wet areas after droppings are removed. Simply sweep the bed back & stamp it down-- any wet that has risen to the surface can be pushed down and dry bedding placed on top.

  • Every 5 to 10 days do a little check up, scrape the dry layer off to reveal the wet underneath--if the base is brown pull the dry back over and leave for a few more days-- BROWN Aubiose is still absorbing and what gives you the perfect Aubiose base.

If the wet layer is RED its time to remove (Red=Remove). Scrape off the dry bedding away from this patch, and remove the saturated Aubiose Liter. ***You should have no more than 1/2 to a full wheelbarrow. Only take out the red patch, the rest of the dry base layer should be left intact.

Put the dry Aubiose or any brown back in the patch you just removed, press down to form a new base and top up with a fresh bale if required. It's a good idea to pull a bank down into the main bed, and use a new Aubiose to create a new bank-- this keeps the new bedding fresh for a longer time.

Once clean, just remove the droppings/manure of the top as required. Aubiose should save a lot of time if managed correctly. You should use no more than one bale/week even with the messiest of horses.


  • Hemp bedding turns brown at the surface: You may not have allowed the base to settle sufficiently OR you may have dug up the bed too much which brought the brown up to the top. Simply push the brown bedding back to the base of the bed, and pull the clean bedding to the top.

  • On the muck heap, Aubiose will not rot down the super nutritious compost in record time--This means smaller much heaps that farmers will take away-- Makes Aubiose the best product out there!

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