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Updated: May 5, 2022

Farmwell Feed & Supply is now offering another way to carry and manage Horse Hemp Bedding. Typically, when we ship a bale of hemp its 44 pounds and it can difficult to lift and maneuver for some people. So, we are offering another solution... AUBIZOO (Same exact top quality hemp bedding) which is 15.4 pounds of packaged hemp. (3 of these bags is about 1 Aubiouse horse hemp bag)


#HempBedding is made from the inner core of the hemp stalk (also known as hurd or shives) has grown immensely in popularity as a healthy bedding for animals. While there are many choices on the market, many owners want to make sure their bedding is of the highest quality, and free from chemicals. Our farmers have these principles in mind when producing our supreme Aubiose bedding. The same Love our customers have for their animals, is returned by our farmers to the soil! Regenerative Agriculture is at our core!


Hemp is emerging as the choice equestrian bedding material on the market. Its is not to be used like standard shavings-- their is a learn curve to using Hemp bedding but it is the ultimate choice and less waste (time, product usage, composting). #FarmwellFeed & Supply chose to exclusively work with The Aubiose brand because they are known for quality and effectiveness throughout Europe and North America. The premium hemp is naturally highly absorbent, virtually dust-free, and antimicrobial. It is an ideal bedding for wet & messy horses, and particularly for horses with allergies and respiratory sensitivities. We have noticed a reduction in flies and better barn management. Perhaps best of all, it is the only bedding that can truly get rid of that ammonia smell in your barn!

Get Started: Estimate Your Budget

Click Here to Estimate Your Budget and Request a Quote

(Subscriptions are available and offer better pricing)

When Following Our Guidelines, You Will Spend on Average $200-300/Stall/Month

Managing an Aubiose bed is different than any other bedding material. It is essential to deep litter this bedding for a cost effective performance. With the deep litter method, once you setup your stalls, you do not strip them. You only take out small amounts of bedding at a time, and top up with fresh Aubiose, as described in the usage guide. Once you get your deep litter base set up, you only need to add about a bale per week maximum to each stall. Setting up the base is the initial investment and the greatest expense, but with proper management you will only need to do this once!

Many long time “Aubiosers” will go 7+ years without stripping out stalls and making a new bed! But each situation is unique and we will coach you to adapt your management methods to fit with an Aubiose bedding system. Our questionnaire helps us gain an understanding of your unique situation so we can provide as accurate of a budget estimate as possible. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.

We know that changes can be challenging, but hang in there! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never look back!





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