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FarmWell Feeds Aubiose hemp bedding is the most absorbent hemp bedding on the market. The hemp has been grown in France because they have a unique way of processing that is far superior then most hemp bedding that currently exists on the market. This hemp bedding is eco-friendly and produced without ANY chemicals. When it comes to hemp, this plant does not need any pesticides to thrive. When we stop making harsh chemicals and spraying them into the earth, we make a better planet. This is one of the most significant advantages of using hemp bedding for your pets. So composting hemp is giving back to our mother earth and its better and safer than any other bedding/liter product out there.


This bedding will smell fresh and clean, and this is one advantage it has over wood shavings. It absorbs moisture, and this also helps with reducing odor in the stall, cage or coop. FarmWell Feeds Aubiouse bedding is a sustainable product and can be used for compost since it is biodegradable (and it composts faster than shavings do).


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People often link hemp to marijuana—this is not at all related with Hemp bedding! There are many types of plants on our beautiful earth and the hemp plants we use contain ZERO THC or CBD.


So lets review the benefits of using hemp bedding for your animals:


  • Less Upkeep! Highly absorbent small pet, chicken & horse bedding

  • Higher salvage rate/Product use longevity, since it absorbs 4x its weight, saving time and money

  • Hemp's characteristics help with ammonia and odor control 

  • Lower dust alternative to other animal beddings

  • Biodegradable, natural, and sustainable

  • More renewable than wood-based beddings 

  • Naturally a pest repellant which ensures that any insects are not attracted to your pet's living area

  • Composts fast and is less acidic than other beddings

Order FarmWell Feeds Aubiose bedding and give your pets, yourself and our planet the best!

We offer two styles of hemp bedding Aubiose (44 pound bag)& AubiZoo (15 pound bag) which is our standard hemp blend and our AubiChick (44 pound bag) which is a finer hemp blend that we started creating for chickens but it’s all a personal preference what you would like to use for your precious animals.

Visit to order or ask us questions we are happy to chat and if you subscribe we will send you an introductory discount to try our products today.

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